Our approach is research-based, results-oriented, and pragmatic. It is also grounded in a deep-seated optimism about human potential. We don’t bring you canned solutions. We work closely with you and your team to understand your challenges, pinpoint root causes, and design an action plan.


Being present requires an alignment of body, mind, voice and intention. Alignment is critical, especially for senior leaders. Just as Steve Jobs embodied the spirit of Apple Computers or Indra Nooyi became the voice, and spirit of Pepsico, C-level leaders, for better or worse, are inextricably linked to their corporate brand and, therefore, their company’s market value, ability to retain top talent and reputation.


Some leaders are flamboyant, with larger-than-life personas. Some are quiet, self-effacing; some are quirky. There is no perfect CEO disposition, (although there are plenty of minefields in the heady world of power and money). Our work with executives focuses on finding—and building upon—their authentic voice and values.


Ultimately, leadership is about decisive action, and persistence, the ability to set and achieve goals. The true test of our work with clients lies in their ability to engage others, map out a plan and follow through.